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Living in Riverdale (The Upper-Upper West Side)

About Riverdale

Less than 10 miles due North of mid-town Manhattan, bordering the Hudson River, lies the neighborhood of Riverdale, which is fast being recognized as a viable alternative to comfortable city living.

The press cannot use the word “Riverdale” without preceding it with the adjective “posh”, but in fact, although Riverdale boasts a few hundred large and wonderful homes inhabited by wealthy families, it is a solidly middle class community.


Most Riverdalians live in apartments, which range from affordable rentals, to co-ops and condos in well appointed buildings (all a fraction in price of their Manhattan equivalents.)

In many ways Riverdale is a small town, with all of the things that can make small town life great:

*Open spaces, ripe with parks, playgrounds, horseback riding, golf, swimming pools, and other recreational possibilities.

*Stores and shops of all types selling everything from flowers to auto parts.

More Features

* Highly rated schools - public, private and religious, that offer parents a choice and children a fine start, and well-stocked libraries.

* A community newspaper that publicizes all of these activities and serves as an advocate for local needs.

* Cultural institutions, religious congregations of many denominations, and community centers serving every age group and interest.

* The neighborhood is a place of remarkable energy and neighborliness, whose residents band together to preserve its finest qualities and to tackle problems together, and it is this very spirit of community, neighbor reaching out to help neighbor that makes Riverdale special.

Sandee Ostwind…a consummate professional and a quintessential people person with a first rate ability to hone in to find you the perfect home!

Sandee has been licensed in NY since 1997, and has been a specialist in her own neighborhood of Riverdale NY since 2003.

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